Ah, you've found it! Yes, this is the page that is normally known as 'the small print'.

Here we outline the Terms and Conditions which are in effect when viewing, interacting, or purchasing from Stitch and Sew.


The Very Important Part (V.I.P)

- ‘You’ refers to the viewer/user/purchaser of the items that are contained within the Stitch and Sew online shop and ‘We’/’Our’/’Us’ refers to the owner’s and administrators of the Stitch and Sew website. 

- The original content, features, information, images, other content types or functionality provided on this website are owned and copyrighted by Stitch and Sew, unless such ownership or copyright has been attributed to the original owners or holders as expressed in our Legal Notice.

- Although we take pride in our items and the information provided about them on our website, you must understand that as items are individually made, the stated dimensions/measurements of the items may differ and are provided as a guide only. This also applies to the colour/material options of the items - we provide a document outlining the appearance of each colour or material option; however, these may appear different on various screens, in different lighting environments and between different batch/lot numbers of the same material used. Therefore, Stitch and Sew will not be held liable for any action taken because of the contents of the item’s description and any predicted outcome.

- We reserve the right to alter our Terms and Conditions without prior notice and your continued use of this website indicates your acceptance of these changes. Any changes to the published Terms and Conditions or policies available on this website will be notified on our homepage for 30 days prior to change. If you do not wish to accept these changes, you can (without prejudice) close any online account and cancel any outstanding orders. We advise you to re-read these Terms and Conditions and policies regularly to ensure you are happy with their contents.

- These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.


You can find other useful information such as:

  • how Stitch and Sew collect, store, and use information provided to us in our Privacy Policy.
  • the delivery and collection services we provide/offer and the costs of these on our Delivery-Collection page.
  • information on Returns, by viewing our Returns page.



1. The Basics

Stitch and Sew produce handcrafted knitted, crocheted and/or sewn items which are made to order and available for delivery or collection.

You can place your order in several ways, as explained in our Frequently Asked Questions, however, this usually will take place through our online shop, by email, phone or through our social media outlets.

Once you have placed an order, regardless of the method, you will receive an 'Order Acknowledgement' email. This does not constitute a contract to provide the item/order, and we cannot guarantee that your chosen item(s) will always be available. For example, in such an event as multiple orders placed at the same time, for the same item, and by different customers. The order does not become confirmed until the order is received by yourself.

Up until such point, we reserve the right to cancel your order - if your order is cancelled by Stitch and Sew, you will be entitled to a full refund, including postage costs. 



2. Pricing and Payments

All prices stated on our website are shown in £'s sterling (GBP) and exclude postage costs. The order total inclusive of all postage costs will be displayed during the checkout process. If payment is not received for an order immediately upon receipt (or at an agreed time/date if you wish to collect your order), your order will be cancelled. You will not own the items until payment is received AND your order is received by you.

We try to make sure that our website is error free, however, if we notice that an error has occurred and a different price was provided to you in error, we will contact you immediately on discovery of the error to inform you of the new price. You then have the right to re-place your order with the new amount, cancel part or all your order with any monies paid being returned to you.

We accept most common forms of payment including PayPal Checkout; Card and Contactless Card payments and Cash through our online shop; and all those plus PayPal QR Code and PayPal.Me; iZettle Online Payment and Stitch and Sew Gift Cards when ordering by email; phone and through our social media outlets. As soon as payment has been successful (unless opting for payment on collection), order processing will commence. You will be able to cancel or amend your order up until the point of order dispatch/collection; after which, this will class as a return (see below). 


For full information on our accepted payment methods, including how to pay, please visit our Payment Methods page.



3. Discounts

Stitch and Sew offer various discounts to its customers. Such discount may be available to all customers, a specific group (i.e., registered customers only), or a unique code for one customer. 

Some discounts will automatically apply when set criteria are met. Currently we offer two discounts in this manner (as advertised on our website):

  • Buy 4 Christmas Cutlery Stockings for £18.

- To qualify for this offer, you must add 4 Christmas Cutlery Stockings to the basket in one order. This voucher cannot be part redeemed and can only be redeemed once per order. The voucher cannot be redeemed on past orders, or orders grouped together that result in the necessary quantity.


  • Buy a Face Mask and get an Ear Saver for 50p

- To qualify for this offer, you must add at least one 'Cotton Face Covering Mask' or one 'Cotton Face Covering Mask - Customer Material' AND one ‘Face Mask Ear Saver’ to the basket. A maximum of 5 discounted Ear Savers are available per order (each requiring a corresponding ‘Cotton Face Covering Mask’ or 'Cotton Face Covering Mask - Customer Material', in any combination). The offer must be applied at the time of ordering and cannot be retrospectively applied to orders.


Some discounts will require the submission of a voucher 'code'. To use your voucher code, you must provide the code during the ordering process, either on our online shop by using the 'Have a promo code?' option located on the Order Cart page, or by stating the code during your order by phone, email or through social media . If a voucher code has an expiry date, the voucher will expire at 23:59 on the date of expiry. 

Stitch and Sew reserve the right to amend or cancel any voucher or offer at any time. Possession of a voucher code does not represent a right to receive the stated discount.

If you return a discounted item, you will receive a refund for the price of the item at the time of purchase but will not receive any refund on the voucher code. Likewise, if the discount was dependent on purchasing a specific set of items and one of those items is returned, the refund you receive will be less the difference of the full price of the remaining item.

Unless specifically stated, discounts do not apply to postage costs. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for any credit or cash alternative. Multiple voucher codes cannot be used on the same order - if multiple voucher codes are added, only one voucher code will be accepted - usually the code providing the largest discount is prioritised. Unless otherwise stated, discounts will be valid once per customer.


4. Delivery / Collection

Stitch and Sew offer the delivery or collection of your order.

All UK orders (unless otherwise stated) are delivered by Royal Mail Post - either 1st or 2nd Class, dependent on the option selected during checkout, whereas International orders are delivered by Royal Mail International Standard.

The published times on our 'Delivery-Collection' page outline the estimated delivery time for that service once the order has been dispatched - as per the published delivery times of the courier's website. Once your order has been marked as dispatched / shipped, this indicates that your order has been passed to the respective courier to deliver your order.

As such, from this point onwards Stitch and Sew are no longer responsible for the delivery of your order should the order become lost, stolen, damaged or be subject to transit delay. That said, if you consider that your order has been lost, stolen or subject to transit delay we will be happy to investigate what has happened with your order. However, you must wait the indicated time on the 'FAQ - Where is my order?' section before contacting Stitch and Sew, as we will be unable to raise a claim with the third-party courier until this period has elapsed. If you receive your order in a damaged condition, please contact Stitch and Sew to discuss your options - this does not constitute Stitch and Sew accepting responsibility for any damage having occurred.

If you wish to change your order from delivery to collection, you must do so as soon as possible. You will be entitled to a refund of the postage cost if you change the order to collection prior to the dispatch of your order. If your order has been dispatched, the option to change will no longer be available.

Orders can also be collected from one of our three collection locations, as listed on the 'Delivery-Collection' page. These locations represent collection points only (except in the instance of providing custom material) and does not represent as browsable store location.

The location from which your order is to be collected must be decided when your order is placed. If you require your collection location to be changed, this may require a new date/time of collection to be arranged as the new location may not be available at the previously agreed date/time (dependent upon period of notice given).

If you require your order to be changed from collection to delivery, you will be required to pay the additional charge for the postage of your item before your item is dispatched. This may result in a delay to the dispatch of your order which Stitch and Sew will not be liable for.



5. Returns

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Stitch and Sew order. That is why we offer you 14-days to initiate your return with us (28 days for international orders).

In the first instance, please contact Stitch and Sew, preferably by email, to discuss your issues and allow us the opportunity to rectify this.

If your order has been delivered, you will be liable for the return postage of your order, which will be non-refundable. If you have collected your order, you can return your order to one of our collection locations free-of-charge.

For more information on our Returns policy, please see our Returns page.



6. Customer Accounts

Stitch and Sew offer the option to create an online customer account. This allows you to (but not limited to) review previous orders, request a return for a previous order, re-order items from previous orders, access any credit slips allocated to you, and provide a quicker checkout experience by pre-filling common information.

It is not a prerequisite to have an online account, and you may place an order from the website without such account. Information will be used and held as laid out in our Privacy Policy.

By creating an online account, you will also be able to take advantage of certain customer-only discounts/benefits as advertised on our website.

If you are found to abuse the uses of the customer account, we may terminate your customer account, without cause or warning, which will include destruction of data associated with your online account. Any outstanding orders at that time may be terminated dependent on the status of the order. We also reserve the right to prevent re-registration of a terminated online account.



7. Customer Reviews

Stitch and Sew customers can leave feedback on their order/purchases and reviews based on individual items on several platforms, including directly on the Stitch and Sew Website. These reviews do not form part of the items description and so Stitch and Sew cannot be held responsible if action is taken based upon those reviews, which is later revealed to be false or inaccurate.



8. Gift Cards

As well as our handmade range, Stitch and Sew also sell physical and e-Gift Cards that can be used to purchase Stitch and Sew items. 

Apart from further physical or e-Gift Cards, the Gift Card balance can be redeemed against all other items being sold by Stitch and Sew (postage costs are also excluded). The order amount (minus postage costs / gift wrapping costs) will be deducted from the remaining balance on the Gift Card. If this amount is greater than the balance on the Gift Card, the remaining amount with be required using another payment method.

When redeeming a Gift Card, either physical or electronic, you must have in your possession the Gift Card number, expiry date and Gift Card PIN. If any of these details are unavailable, you will not be able to use the Gift Card for your purchase.

Physical and e-Gift Cards are valid for two years from the date of purchase. After this date, the Gift Card will expire, and any remaining amount of the Gift Card will be lost.

Multiple Gift Cards can be used in the same order, provided their expiry date has not been reached, and sufficient information is provided to validate the authenticity of each Gift Card.

Physical and e-Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, or redeemed for the cash balance, except with the express permission of Stitch and Sew. In such instances of unauthorised activity on a Gift Card, the Gift Card balance will immediately expire, and any remaining balance will be lost.

Stitch and Sew are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or mis-used Gift Cards - you must treat the Gift Card like cash, and protect it as such.

Stitch and Sew are not liable for unavailability of a desired item, which then results in an expiration of a Gift Card. However, the only exception to this is where an order is placed and paid for using a Gift Card, and Stitch and Sew are then unable to provide the items to fulfil this order, but notify you of this after the original expiry of your Gift Card. In this circumstance, a credit slip will be issued for the order amount.



9. Links to Other Websites

As you browse our website, you will notice links to other websites that are not owned or operated by Stitch and Sew. Once you click on a link and visit the external website, Stitch and Sew are no longer responsible for the security, privacy or accuracy of any information that is provided or any action that is taken based upon that information. We recommend that you review the Terms and Conditions; Privacy Policy and other legal information related to the external website that is visited.



10. Complaints

If you have any complaints regarding the service you have received from Stitch and Sew, please do not hesitate to contact us, preferably by email at: info@stitchandsew.co.uk.



11. Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or on our social media outlets and we will be happy to assist. We aim to respond to all questions, queries, and complaints within 1 working day.